Alexander Green Reveals His Best Kept Secret...

EXPOSED: The “No-Brainer” Trading Strategy That Could’ve Handed Investors EXPLOSIVE Gains of 780% in 12 Days

“Lots of trading ideas sound like they MIGHT work. This one is so great that no one who understands it would even DOUBT that it works.”


Hello, everyone. I’m Becky Sattero.

I’m sitting here with America’s #1 insider trading analyst, the expert Forbes calls “a big follower of insider buying,” Alexander Green.

He’s the Chief Investment Strategist of one of the oldest and most prestigious financial research institutions in the nation...

A man who bought Amazon at about $35 in 2005... Netflix at a split-adjusted $1.62 that same year... and Apple at just $0.18 split-adjusted in 1995.

In fact, one powerful CEO, who took out a $10,000 loan and created a $13 billion empire, told The Wall Street Journal that he follows Alex’s writings as a BLUEPRINT to personal wealth.

This self-made millionaire said...

“Alexander Green offers a very simple strategy that has consistently beaten the S&P with less risk. I am following this exact system in my own personal investing.”

I could go on and on about Alex’s Wall Street bona fides, but I’m going to stop here because, Alex, you insisted we film, edit and publish this broadcast as quickly as possible.

What’s going on? Why the urgency?


Becky, I just found out that top-level insiders at a little-known aviation firm have quietly built up a $3.1 million position. They just got their hands on more than 500,000 shares. The majority of those shares were bought during a three-day buying frenzy late in 2021.

Since this could signal a huge move higher for the stock, I wanted to get this message out to our members ASAP.


That’s a MASSIVE wager.

My only question is... what do they know that we don’t?


A lot, Becky!

These aren’t low-level employees we’re talking about.

They’re directors.

These men know everything about the day-to-day operations of this company.

They know its finances better than anybody else on the planet...

And they’re buying all the shares they can get.

It’s hard to imagine a BIGGER vote of confidence in the stock.


Why do you think they’re making such a huge bet on their firm?


Listen, I’ve been tracking insiders for about 37 years.

When the people who run a company start buying millions of dollars of their own company’s stock, that’s the best “heads-up” an investor can get.

If they’re buying huge amounts of stock with their own money at the current market price, it means just ONE thing...

They think it’s worth a lot more than it’s selling for.

In this case, we’re talking about a $5 stock.

And four directors are loading up.

They are doing that because they believe the stock is about to move much, much higher.

But the most exciting part is that anyone today can buy the stock at a cheaper price than these insiders were gladly willing to pay.

Wall Street legend Peter Lynch said...

“Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: They think the price will rise.”

And as an investor, riding the coattails of the top guys can make you a whole lot of money.

Look at Century Casinos.

Back in March 2020 – right at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown – its CEO bought $337,500 worth of shares.


Less than three months later, Century reopened its Mountaineer Casino, the source of more than two-thirds of its revenue...

And the stock soared 364%.

Century’s CEO made more than $1.2 million!


Or how about Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s spaceflight company?

In October 2019, a director bought $100 million worth of shares.

The following February, the BBC reported that Virgin Galactic “had received almost 8,000 registrations of interest for future commercial flights.”

By that time, the stock had soared 188% higher.


That means that director made $188 million on a single trade!


That’s the type of windfall that most investors will never see in their wildest dreams.


That’s why I believe insider buying is – hands down – the most precise way to predict a stock’s future movements.

And I’m not the only one!

Academic research proves that even BLINDLY following insider trading can be insanely profitable.

A Wharton School of Business professor found that “investors can reap ‘exceptional’ profits by imitating insiders.”
Another study backed by the University of Michigan determined that insider purchases “have abnormal returns.”

And a joint study by Harvard and Yale researchers found that this signal can beat the market by double digits per year.

But over the short term... the numbers get even bigger.

The Journal of Business & Economic Policy found this signal outperforms the S&P by up to 2,000% for short-term traders.

Tested against different market strategies, it’s even been concluded that following insiders has been one of the most profitable investment strategies of the past 50 years.

To me, it’s a far more telltale signal than any trendy chart pattern.

Insiders plowing their own money into their own company’s shares is the very best signal you can get.


Why else would insiders put their hard-earned money on the line if they didn’t believe the stock would go higher?

It certainly makes me excited to learn more about this stock that recently saw a MASSIVE surge in insider buying.


This stock is just $5 a share.

But I don’t think it’ll be $5 for much longer.

In fact, I’m going on record to say that I believe this will be my top stock pick of 2022.

It’s a dirt cheap play on the private aviation industry.

It was founded by a serial entrepreneur from a blue-collar neighborhood in Long Island.


This man started his career as a T-shirt salesman.

Twenty years later, he sold his first jet company to none other than Warren Buffett.

Now he has another jet company, and it operates on a subscription model, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Normally, you rent a private jet by the hour, and you pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per hour.

private jet

With this model, you pay an initiation fee of $17,500 and $8,500 annual dues starting the second year...

And you gain access to more than 1,500 safety-vetted and verified aircraft.

This allows individuals, families and businesses to experience private aviation with greater convenience and dramatically lower costs.

Customers get to pick the exact aircraft they need, depending on the trip and number of fliers.

By harnessing this subscription model, this firm is expanding its addressable market by an incredible 900%.

What’s more, safety and health fears surrounding commercial flying have opened up new potential clients who NEVER thought they’d fly private.

Wired magazine calls it “a middle class private jet boom.”

And The Wall Street Journal reports the trend is continuing even as commercial flights return to normal... and that demand for private flights far outpaces supply.


And as the sole private aviation company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, this firm is the only way Main Street investors can play this trend.

But they’ll have to get in soon. Sales are growing at a 55% rate year over year.

Plus, this stock just went public about five months ago.

Most people don’t even know this company exists.

But I believe that’s about to change.

In fact, I was watching the PGA Tour on TV the other day, and I noticed several big-name pros wearing caps with this firm’s logo.

So word is just starting to trickle out.

And insiders are loading up now while the stock is cheap and still relatively undiscovered.

But here’s the most important part:

In recent months, not one... not two... not three... but FOUR directors have amassed more than $3.1 million worth of shares.

director shares

What’s more, three of those purchases – totaling more than $1.6 million – were just made in late 2021.

100,000 shares were bought on November 15.

Another 100,000 shares were gobbled up the next day.

And another 100,000 shares were scooped up just two days later.

director shares

That signals a big move higher for this stock.

In fact, Forbes contributor and aviation insider Doug Gollan calls it a “Strong Buy”... and another analyst who covers the firm issued a $20 price target.

That would represent a more than 300% move on the stock.

And at just under $5, it’s the bargain of a lifetime considering you can get your hands on shares for a cheaper price than what the insiders were happy to pay.


That’s a recipe for success if I’ve ever heard one.


That’s right.

Insiders know things investors wish they knew... before they hit the front page of the financial news.

For example...

Insiders may know about a game-changing new product that will be written about everywhere...

Or they may know a product is selling like gangbusters, which could lead to a huge earnings surprise on their company’s next quarterly call...

Or they may have just invented a revolutionary technology...

Made a huge resource discovery...

Received government approval...

And so on.

After this news becomes public, it takes time for the media and analysts to catch on – especially when it’s a small, little-known stock like this one.

So being able to act on that information before it’s front-page news is obviously a huge advantage.

And although insiders aren’t always right, I’ve found that certain insiders are right so much of the time...

It pays to put their every move under a microscope.

Because each purchase they make can be the signal that big profits are around the corner.

And by riding their coattails, regular people can sometimes capture even bigger gains than the insiders – while putting a lot less capital at stake.


Let me jump in here real quick, Alex.

When most people hear the words “insider trading,” they think of illegal insider trading.

People like Ivan Boesky and Martha Stewart, insiders who made boatloads of money trading on nonpublic information... got caught red-handed... and did some serious prison time.

This isn’t what you’re proposing, right?


Not at all, Becky. This is completely above the board.

Anytime insiders buy or sell a stock, they have to file a Form 4 with the SEC...


This form reveals when the insider bought or sold shares... how many shares they traded... and the price they paid for them.

I take this information and use it to evaluate the stock’s upside potential.

Here, let me show you a few top examples I found that experienced the type of insider buying I look for.


Great, please go ahead.

Trading on Insider Activity Could’ve Turned $5,000 into $55,000 in Just 30 Days


OK, the first one I have here is Hanesbrands.

This American multinational company owns several major clothing brands, including Hanes, Champion, Playtex, Bali and many others.

In November 2020, a fellow on the board of directors – let’s call him Robert N. – went on an absolute buying spree.

He bought $636,000 worth of shares.


Now, Rob knew exactly what he was doing.

A week later, Hanes announced that it had hired a man named Greg Hall as chief consumer officer.

Hall had previously delivered double-digit growth for Walmart. This was a HUGE get for Hanes.


Right. And it says here that the stock shot up after the news broke, netting Rob a tidy $89,124 profit in just 14 days.


Not bad for two weeks in the market!

However, Alex, you’re a pro.

You’ve found that regular investors can bank similar profits to these insiders using a special type of option trade.



Now, options trading might sound complicated to some folks, but it’s really quite simple.

You get to put down less money – and have the chance at big gains that rival an insider’s gains – in a shorter period of time.

Now, this often comes with more risk, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose...

But I’ve found a very simple options strategy in which the profits can easily justify the risk when you’re following insiders.

I’ll reveal it in a moment.

But in this case, regular investors could’ve...

  • Followed Rob into Hanes
  • Staked far less money
  • Walked away with a SUBSTANTIAL profit.

Had investors placed a simple options trade when Rob’s purchase was made public, they could’ve captured a 733% gain in 12 days.

That’s the kind of move that turns $5,000 into $41,650.

cash piles

And while that story is an exceptional case, it really emphasizes the undeniable appeal of options.

Honestly, what sounds riskier: staking $636,000 on a stock or $5,000 on its option?


Most folks would take the cheaper option any day of the week.


Now, for an even more profitable example, look at shale producer Continental Resources.

On December 28, 2020, a director put down a $100,000 flier.


Anybody who was following oil prices at that time knows that just seven days later, Saudi Arabia pledged to cut its oil output by an extra 1 million barrels a day.

This news catapulted the price of oil to $50 a barrel – and took Continental Resources with it.


That’s right. That director you mentioned made $21,000 in 15 days. Not a bad win!


But one basic options trade soared 780% in 12 days... turning $5,000 into $44,000.

cash piles

Most people wouldn’t turn down $44,000 in 12 days.

Next, I want you to look at Hersha Hospitality Trust.

This company owns and operates various high-end hotels across all the major U.S. cities.

As a big player in the hospitality industry, Hersha was hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdown measures. Its shares COLLAPSED.

But its insiders were unfazed. In fact, in April 2020, they went on a total feeding frenzy.

The CEO, the COO and a chairman of the board spent the whole month accumulating shares valued at $176,970 in total.


By June, cities and states had eased social distancing restrictions – and these insiders had made more than $206,000 in pure profit.


Incredible. But what’s even more impressive is how much regular investors could’ve made using options.

They could’ve made 11X their money in just 30 days.

With a gain like that, investors can turn a small stake into a sizable fortune...

That would’ve turned $5,000 into $55,000.

cash piles

It’s amazing what you can do with a small amount of money when options are involved.

For another example, look at cell tower provider Crown Castle.

During February and March 2021, a director picked up about $1.8 million worth of shares. A serious heads-up.


Then, in April, Verizon announced that it had inked a 10-year deal with Crown Castle to accelerate 5G deployment.

Thanks to this positive development, these insiders made an easy 191 grand in less than five months.


But Crown Castle’s option surged 2,200% in just 39 days.

That turned $5,000 into an absolutely awe-inspiring $115,000.

cash piles

Amazing, isn’t it?

Now, this isn’t a perfect signal.

There’s no such thing as a crystal ball in the stock market... and not every trade will go your way...

I’m just showing you the top-performing examples to demonstrate the raw, wealth-building power of following insiders.


So Alex, tell me, how did you get started tracking insider activity?

37 Years in the Making... 7.8 MILLION Insider Trades Reviewed...


I began my career on Wall Street about 37 years ago...

I worked for what’s now the second-largest global wealth management company...

A firm that currently manages $1.1 trillion in assets.

There, I worked alongside some of the smartest investors in America.

And many of them were top executives... and board members for multiple companies.

I saw time and again that insiders regularly made big stock purchases just a few months before important product launches, big mergers or huge earnings surprises.

That’s why, 20 years ago, I launched a service tracking the moves of these insiders.

But as I refined my research over time... I began to notice something critically important.

Certain types of insider trades were dramatically more successful than others.

It led me to ask an important question...

What types of insider trades appear before sharp upward stock movements?

The Five Types of Insider Activity That Lead to the Biggest Profits

And over the past 37 years, I’ve found that FIVE types of insider activity lead to the biggest profits.


Interesting... can you share those with us today?



1 Insider Buying, Not Selling

I don’t care about insider selling. It almost never means the stock is about to go down the toilet.

More often than not, they sell because they want to buy a new home or diversify their investments.

But if they buy, it’s for one reason only: They think the stock will rise.

A recent example of this is Avis Budget Group, the rental car company.

In June 2020, one of its VPs backed up the truck to the tune of $149,965.


Two months later, Avis published earnings – and recorded its best EBITDA numbers in the company’s 75-year history.

This VP came out with more than $450,000 in profits.


What’s more, it says here that investors who tapped into Avis’s options could’ve taken home an eye-popping 3,907% gain in 127 days.

That could’ve turned $5,000 into $200,350.

cash piles

That’s true. Investors who both followed that VP into Avis and leveraged their position with options could’ve done very well.

Now here’s the second type of insider buying...

2 Top-Level Insiders ONLY

While mid-to-lower-level employees certainly know more about the company than the financial press...

They don’t know nearly as much as the folks at the top of the totem pole.

I’m watching for the purchases of directors, officers and chairmen of the board and C-level executives...

I’m talking about people who are intimately acquainted with the company’s financial health. Those are the buys that really matter.

Look at Occidental Petroleum in August 2021.

Stephen C., a director, invested $515,200.


Soon after that, an analyst over at big commercial bank Truist gave the stock a buy rating and boosted his price target.

In about two months, Stephen made a quick $159,712. Again, he had to put down more than half a million dollars to achieve that return.


But with ONE Occidental options trade, investors could’ve staked $5,000 – and collected a $92,368 profit in 49 days.

cash piles

That’s what, an 1,800% gain?


Close. 1,847%.

Conversely, Stephen captured a mere 31% gain.


I’m doing the math in my head right now.

The option gain is about 60X bigger than Stephen’s gain.


That’s why I tell everyone...

Options are every smart investor’s secret weapon.

Now, here’s the third type of insider buying I look for...

3 Total Buys Must Exceed $100,000

A lot of insider buys are between $500 and $20,000.

That isn’t a big enough bet to get my attention. I need the insiders to cumulatively put up 100 grand, minimum.

Take Cornerstone Brands, the #1 manufacturer of metal roofing and wall systems.

Back in May 2020, its CEO and two directors accumulated $715,970 worth of shares.


That month, the prices of building materials continued moving higher... signaling a coming record surge for the industry as a whole.

Cornerstone’s insiders made more than $421,000 in just 22 days.


And by placing a simple options trade when these insiders’ buys went live, investors could’ve scored a 520% gain in 17 days.

That could’ve turned $5,000 into $31,000.

cash piles

Here’s the fourth type of insider activity that gets my attention...

4 Market Cap Less Than $5 Billion

It’s a lot easier for small stocks to go up than it is for big stocks.

And when insider buying is involved, the odds are even higher.

As a report published by the National Bureau of Economic Research points out...

“When they buy such stocks, insiders know what they are doing.”

So if the company has a market cap smaller than $5 billion, that’s small enough that insider buying could foreshadow a big move higher for the stock.

Look at the famous watchmaker Fossil Group.

You’ve likely seen its watches and other apparel.

But in spite of its seeming popularity, it’s a small firm. In June 2020, its market cap was less than $300 million.

At that time, two VPs amassed $905,570 worth of shares between them.


Two months later, Fossil’s Q2 earnings report came out.

It showed that in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fossil had pivoted brilliantly...

Its e-commerce sales had shot up 138%.

Fast-forward another month... these same two VPs hit it big again.

Taken together, they brought in more than $425,000 in profits.


But, by harnessing Fossil’s options, regular investors could’ve banked a 908% gain in just 69 days.


That’s phenomenal. $5,000 becomes $50,400.

cash piles

Consider... it takes many Americans a year to make 50 grand.

But by tracking insiders and juicing their returns with options, everyday investors could have gotten there in less than three months.

Now for the fifth type of insider activity I like to see...

5 Cluster Buying

This one might be the most important of all...

I pay very close attention whenever I see multiple insiders buying at the same time.

This is a strong signal that a company’s fortunes are about to turn brighter.

In fact, a study that analyzed corporate data from 1986 to 2016 found that returns earned by cluster purchases were 90% higher than those earned by non-cluster purchases.

So if you see multiple insiders piling into a stock, it often means good news and profits lie ahead.

Take Cassava Sciences.

It’s a clinical-stage biotech that’s developing a treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Back in September 2020, Cassava was a TINY $200 million company.

And then, all of a sudden, its insiders started buying up shares like there was no tomorrow.

The CEO, the CFO and a director accumulated almost $2 million worth of shares among them.


It was clear that something big was coming down the pike.

Sure enough, on February 2, Cassava released interim results on its Alzheimer’s drug, and they were jaw-dropping.

They found that patients on the drug saw their dementia-related behavior improve dramatically. 

For a disease as treatment-resistant as Alzheimer’s, this was a MASSIVE coup.

And the mainstream media went BANANAS.

Barrons dubbed Cassava “the hot Alzheimer’s drug.”
And The Motley Fool dared to ask... “Could Cassava Sciences Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock?

The insiders made nearly $22 million within five months...


And investors who followed them into the trade and boosted their returns with options could’ve turned $5,000 into $189,889.

cash piles

That’s a 3,698% gain in just over four months!

This exceptional gain speaks to the raw power of following insiders... not to mention the EXPLOSIVE upside potential of options.

But I have to ask...

Does the $5 stock...

Match ANY of the five types of insider activity you say lead to the biggest profit potential?

This $5 Stock Passes Alex’s High-Conviction Insider Trading Criteria With FLYING COLORS


It doesn’t match just one type. It matches all five.

For one, the insiders are buying, not selling.

Secondly, they’re top-level insiders. These are directors we’re talking about. They know this company’s financial future better than anybody else.

Thirdly, they’ve built up a position valued at $3.1 million. That’s THIRTY-ONE times my $100,000 minimum.

Obviously, this stock meets my cluster buying requirement.

We’ve got four directors snapping up all the shares they can get. That’s big.

And in terms of market cap, it has just a $1 billion market cap, so it’s got a lot of room to run.

But here’s what really takes this opportunity over the top for me.

According to Forbes, one analyst has given this stock a 24-month target price of $20.

At its current share price of $5, we’re looking at 300%-plus in potential upside here.

And investors who leverage their position with options could do even better.

We’re talking about an opportunity to create serious generational wealth here.


So how do our readers get their hands on this pick?

Insiders Are Pouring MILLIONS of Dollars Into These Dirt Cheap Stocks

Report cover

You can find the name, the ticker symbol and everything I love about it in my new report, “The $5 Private Aviation Superstock.”

But that’s not all.

Due to the small size of this pick, I wanted to set up some measures so that people don’t rush into it all at once and make the price go haywire.

The first measure was setting the hard limit on new readers. Only 200 people will be let in today.

The second measure is to give everyone two additional picks that are just as worthy of their time and money.

This way we give my readers multiple insider plays to target.


OK, take us through these picks.


OK, I’ve just indentified a stock that has all the insider trading activity I look for. It’s an alternative banking firm.

According to Nasdaq, this company has all the earmarks of a fintech giant in the making.”

This company’s about to become a one-stop shop for everything money-related.

And it’s on the verge of experiencing not one but TWO watershed catalysts.

The first catalyst is a bank charter. This is what enables banks to basically... be banks.

It’s the ONLY way to get authorized to accept FDIC-insured deposits.

For fintech firms, this is a huge deal.

Square got one of these bank charters in March 2020. Since then, it’s up more than 469%.


The word on the street is that this other fintech company is the next in line for one of these charters.

It’s at the “last mile,” according to S&P Global.

This could happen in a few weeks. It could happen tomorrow.

The important thing is that you get in BEFORE it takes effect.

Now, this next catalyst on the horizon is set in stone. It’s written into law that it will set off a $1.7 TRILLION transfer of wealth.


$1.7 trillion! What is the catalyst you’re talking about?

Report cover

You’ll have to read the report, Becky! It’s called “The Fintech Stock at the Center of a $1.7 Trillion Transfer of Wealth.”

I’m keeping this one close to the vest. I don’t want to give it away.

Suffice to say, this firm could DOUBLE its largest business as a result.

And its insiders know it. Over the last few months, its CEO, CFO and CRO have acquired $467,274 in shares.


That sounds very exciting, Alex. Do you have anything else for our readers today?


I have one stock here. It’s a very small stock, so this one’s for speculators only.

It’s a firm that makes an infertility treatment I call “EIT.”

That stands for Economical Infertility Treatment.

It’s as little as a third of the price of traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF).

There’s one lab in Birmingham, Alabama, that started offering EIT as a more affordable option for lower-income patients.

By the following year, EIT had become so successful that the clinic abandoned all other fertility treatments.

This is now the only one it provides to any income level.

People from far and wide – 28 states in total – flock to this clinic for this very reason.

Patients have posted glowing reviews on the company’s website...

Rebecca G. says after using this device...

“My husband and I are blessed to have a perfect, healthy baby boy in our lives – our first child, whom we have dreamed about through 13 years of marriage and before.”

April C. reported...

“My husband and I struggled to conceive for a little over four years... [EIT] gave us our miracle and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with fertility.”

And Kelly W. said...

“It was amazing to carry the embryos rather than them developing in a lab. When we were told I was pregnant, I fell to my knees thanking our Heavenly Father.”


Well, that’s certainly a five-star review!


It sure is. Now, because EIT is so cheap, it could have a GLOBAL impact.

We’re talking about people in countries where most folks could never dream of affording IVF... lined up around the block to do this alternative infertility treatment.

And this isn’t baseless speculation we’re talking about here.

This company’s spent the last few years locking in distribution deals in countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

And it just became able to fully harness one of the biggest fertility markets in the world...

A country where 1 in 3 citizens has used some type of fertility treatment or knows someone who has.

Report cover

You can find the full details on this $3 stock in “The $3 Infertility Cure.”


These picks all sound like they could be big winners, Alex.

But how do readers access these? And what do you have for readers who want to get high-conviction stock picks from you every month?

Alex Says This Is “The Single Biggest Investing Achievement of My Career”


Well, Becky, I would suggest that readers get involved in the service I’ve devoted to tracking insiders, The Insider Alert.

Since I founded this service in 2001, it’s delivered a total return of 735%... more than doubling the market.


That’s very impressive, Alex!

Can you tell us what to expect with your Insider Alert service?


Well, my research team and I have conducted one of the most comprehensive investigations into insider buying.

We’ve reviewed 7.8 million separate insider trades.


And I know that’s a ton of work... even with your 150-person Oxford Club staff.

Your research team includes people who’ve worked as...

  • A research analyst and short seller
  • A portfolio manager and head fund trader
  • A sell-side trader and licensed market maker
  • An investment banker.

That’s right.

We also have top-of-the-line technology that allows us to follow between 1,000 and 4,000 insider trades daily.

I analyze all the insider market buys – worth up to $56 million – that are reported on our machines.

It’s quite a lot...

But I start to narrow them down using the system I described earlier.

I look for big purchases... made by top insiders... hopefully joined by other execs within the company.

This narrows it down from several thousand buys to usually just a handful.

So I take those and I do my fundamental research.

I’m looking for why I believe the insiders are buying.

When I find a perfect setup...

email alert

I send out an email recommending the stock to my Insider Alert subscribers...

And then, when it’s time to take our profits...

I send out a sell recommendation.


Can you give us an example of this service in action?



On October 14, 2020, I recommended a company called Cardlytics.

email alert

I explained how it’s a marketing firm that partners with top banks in the U.S. and Britain – including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, PNC, BB&T and Regions – to provide ad platforms within their digital channels.

I found that a 10% owner of Cardlytics had recently racked up more than $4.1 million worth of shares.

So I suggested that readers buy the company’s shares at market and – if they like to speculate – its options for no more than $3.70.

The following January, I told readers to close out their options for a 798% gain.

Ten days later, we hit our sell stop on the stock and locked in a 46% win.


OK, let me get this straight.

Using options, readers could’ve generated profits that were 17X higher than what the shares delivered?


Do I have that right?


Yes, that’s right.

That’s why I tell people: If you want to make more money in the markets... but you’re determined to trade only stocks... you’re doing your portfolio a great disservice.


And how many recommendations like this will people see?


Each month, I send out about three stock recommendations – along with options if they’re available.


Well, Alex, the gains you’ve shown your readers are just spectacular.

Your research team has pulled your top winners. They’re listed below.

email alert

Look, I know that’s exciting, Becky...

But let’s not get carried away.

It’s important to note that what’s happened in the past is not necessarily an indication of what will happen in the future.

Plus, whenever you put money in the market, you take on risk...

I’m not saying we can eliminate all risk today.

Rather, the point here is that following insiders... and buying incredibly undervalued stocks... is perhaps the easiest and simplest way to ensure you win big.

The academic research proves it...

My research proves it...


And your real-world track record proves it too.

Lives are changing for those who follow you.

Like Barry and Melissa C. from Norfolk, Virginia, who made a dream come true with their profits...

“I signed up for The Insider Alert nine months ago, and I have been astounded. My retirement is looking rosier than ever. With returns like these, life is sweet.”

Or like Ted K., from Galena, Illinois, who gifted his wife with a life-changing gain...

“I just sold one option and collected an 840% gain (in 54 days). A nice anniversary gift for my wife...”

Or Bill S., in Aurora, Illinois, who sent us a screenshot that’s easily worth a thousand words...

account screenshot

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly.

In 54 days, Bill made $16,826 on a single Insider Alert trade.


The incredible stories of these exceptional members prove the wealth-building potential of The Insider Alert.

I’ve done everything I can to make this the best research service out there by putting together...

The best strategy...

The best analysts...

And the best VIP Member Services Team...

So it’s tremendously rewarding to get emails like these, which confirm we’re helping our members build wealth.

Making money is about freedom in the broadest sense...

It means doing what you want, when you want, where you want and with whom you want...

And beating the market consistently allows for that.


Well, I think you’ll be getting a new batch of testimonials soon...

Now that the doors are finally open for this new Insider Alert offer.

Alex, thank you for your time today.


Thank you for having me, Becky.


Well, you’ve just heard from Alex Green...

You’ve gotten the details on a $5 stock that ticks every box on Alex’s insider trading checklist...

You’ve seen the incredible track record of his Insider Alert service...

And you’ve heard from his readers, whose lives have been changed...

And now you have the opportunity to join them.

But you must move fast...

There are a very limited number of openings for this service.

If you decide to become an Insider Alert subscriber today...

You’ll get immediate access to Alex’s three new reports...

account screenshot

The $5 Private Aviation Superstock.”

The Fintech Stock at the Center of a $1.7 Trillion Transfer of Wealth

And “The $3 Infertility Cure.”

In them, you’ll get the names and ticker symbols of the stocks he’s recommending right now.

After that...

Over the next year, you’ll receive alerts on the top stocks the insiders are piling into.

These email alerts are easy to read.

You’ll get simple buy recommendations with intel on the top insiders and the trades they’re making...

And you’ll receive simple sell recommendations... to lock in your profits.

buy and sell recommendations

Each month, you’ll get about three of these Insider Alert opportunities.

Plus, you’ll receive weekly progress report emails with Alex’s latest thoughts on all his open positions.

But, unfortunately, an Insider Alert subscription comes at a price.

With a full-time research staff... and 20 years of proprietary knowledge and software... this is an operation that costs millions...

Alex and his team of analysts work tirelessly for you to uncover these opportunities.

Think of it like this...

You’re getting access to insights from an editor who has spent decades studying what might be the most powerful strategy in the market.

If you signed up for a hedge fund dedicated to tracking insiders...

You’d need to hand over $200,000 of every $1 million in profits...

And high net worth investors would gladly pay that for the types of profits Alex has seen...

Especially because Alex has delivered a total return of 735% since launching the service in 2001.

That’s more than DOUBLE the market.


Instead of needing $1 million just to get access to a hedge fund... and handing over 20% or more of your profits...

You can do it yourself by following Alex’s simple Insider Alert research.

And you won’t pay $200,000...



Or even $10,000.

Because Alex Green and The Oxford Club understand what this could do for you and your family right now, we’re going to make the decision easy.

For a short time, to celebrate what could become Alex’s biggest winner to date...

You’ll get 50% off.

So instead of paying $4,000, the full retail price...

You’ll pay just $1,999 for a one-year subscription.

This is one of the lowest prices you will EVER see for one of our VIP Trading Research Services.

But it gets even better. We want to make this offer a TOTAL no-brainer.

So we set up not one but TWO guarantees to protect your purchase.

The first one is Alex’s 1,000% Home Run Guarantee.


It says that if Alex doesn’t deliver at least ONE 1,000% winner, per his recommendations, call up our VIP Member Services Team – and they’ll give you another year of The Insider Alert (a $4,000 value) ON THE HOUSE.

In other words...

If you don’t see the chance to make 1,000% on a single play...

Give us a ring, and we’ll comp you an extra year.

That’s the first guarantee.

Here’s the second one: Alex’s 12 Doubles Guarantee.


This one says that if Alex doesn’t average one chance to double your money each month over the next year, call up our VIP Member Services Team, and they’ll give you a full refund – minus a 10% processing fee – on The Insider Alert.

That’s one 100% gain per month on average for the next 12 months, per his recommendations.

If Alex doesn’t meet that admittedly bold goal, our team has been authorized to issue you a refund.

Simply give them a call, and they’ll promptly refund the money back onto your credit or debit card.

There are just two caveats...

  1. We will charge a fee of $127. That’s to cover our processing expenses.
  2. You must be subscribed for the full year.

Let me break down that last point for you.

All too often, we’ve had folks sign up for our services to get the free picks and research and then cancel the very next day – sometimes even the same day!

We can’t allow that to go on.

We need to protect our bottom line so we can continue delivering top-of-the-line research to the people who deserve it: our loyal members.

So you have to give The Insider Alert a fair shake before you pursue a refund.

We believe one year is an adequate amount of time to determine whether The Insider Alert will work for you.

Once that lock-up period ends, you’re free to do as you wish.

Still, you should know that the people who benefit the most from The Insider Alert are the ones who commit to it for the long haul.

People like Dan J. from Columbia, Missouri, who said...

“Following you the last several years has provided a much greater level of stability in my portfolio. I really owe a lot to you.”

Or Bill G. from Nashville, Tennessee, who wrote...

“I’ve followed your services for many years. Thought I would let you know that last Tuesday I bought HBAN for $3.00. On Monday I sold half of it for $6.02, so now I own free shares. Life is beautiful!”

So this is it. There’s no waiting.

These three opportunities are set up... and subscriptions are limited.

We have only 200 spots open today.

As soon as you order, you’ll receive your username and password to the secure site where you can access Alex’s research...


You’re in great hands with Alex Green.

Simply click the “Join Now” button below...

It will take you to a page that breaks down this offer in clear, concise details – along with several bonuses valued at nearly $15,000 altogether.

From all of us here at The Oxford Club, I’m Becky Sattero.

Thank you for your time.
December 2021

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