How to Capture the Greatest Legal Trading Advantage

Bill O'Reilly

Hi, I’m Bill O’Reilly.

Across the street from me is the New York Stock Exchange.

Some call it the epicenter of the great American capitalist system... a place where any ordinary citizen can become an owner in the most successful businesses in our great country.

But others believe it’s a shady enterprise filled with greedy, selfish people who take advantage of everyday folks.

They don’t just think we should tax and regulate them more. They think we should throw them in the hoosegow!

I’m here to find out the truth once and for all.

Is Wall Street truly rigged in favor of the rich?

Regular Americans certainly believe it.

64% of all Americans say that’s the case.

Even the majority of investors is convinced it’s rigged... 56% of all INVESTORS! – the ones with skin in the game.

And politicians from both sides of the aisle also push that narrative.

You have people on the left like Bernie Sanders, who said, “Wall Street... has rigged the rules to redistribute wealth and income to the wealthiest and most powerful people of this country.”

Or Elizabeth Warren, who said, “People feel like the system is rigged against them. And here's the painful part: They're right.”

But politicians on the right also bash Wall Street.

Newt Gingrich, after the controversial revolt by GameStop traders, proclaimed that “the bigs are having to rig the game in order to survive.”

And Donald Trump Jr. accused hedge funds of getting unfair protection from Big Tech, Big Government and the corporate media... “This is what a rigged system looks like, folks,” he said.

Today, we’re going to dig in and give you some important facts.

Is Wall Street really a casino?

Is the deck stacked against average investors and everyday Americans?

And if so...

Is there anything YOU can do about it – while still reaching your most important financial goals?

I believe these are some of the most important questions for Americans right now.

Due to recent events, the faith in Wall Street has hit all-time lows.

In January 2021, we witnessed a historic event when Main Street investors took matters into their own hands...

And artificially pushed GameStop and AMC to absurd, unsustainable levels.

And I mean piling into these stocks hand over fist... creating an incredible momentum behind the share prices.

GameStop, a company that lost more than $1 billion in the previous two years, went from under $20 a share at the beginning of January... to $483 at its peak within the month.

The purpose of this move wasn’t to make money.

It was to take down hedge funds who were shorting GameStop and AMC stocks.

It worked at first. Several hedge funds nearly collapsed from the attack.

But then it all came crashing down just as quickly.

Brokerages temporarily locked Main Street investors out of these stocks.

Their holdings tanked...

While Wall Street still won big.

As Business Insider put it...

One hedge fund walked away with $700 million in profit from this situation, while an untold number of everyday investors who got caught up in the frenzy lost their shirts.

This seemed to be a very important moment to me.

GameStop traders had completely thrown out regular fundamental analysis.

Instead, they were investing on pure emotion... hell-bent on defeating the evil hedge funds.

I wondered...

Is this where investing is headed in the future?

So for the very best insight into what’s truly going on...

I enlisted the man I always look to when it comes to investing... The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green.

He’s been helping the everyday folks get ahead for the past two decades...

I’m one of them.

I’ve been subscribing to Alex’s work since 2003...

Because it’s honest and well researched, and it's made me a ton of money personally.

He also tends to give a no-nonsense look into the markets.

He calls it how he sees it and isn’t offering just another partisan view.

Today, we are going to bust the myths about Wall Street... We’ll reveal where it’s rigged and where it isn’t.

In fact, today, you will discover the single dirtiest secret trick Wall Street uses to screw over the little guy.


Alex has also promised to show us the single biggest advantage you can use to beat Wall Street over and over.

This advantage is so powerful, and so unique, that it’s being called an “anomaly that can make you rich.”

Keep in mind... prior to joining The Oxford Club, Alex was one of the most prized Wall Street money managers at one of the biggest firms.

There may not be a better-suited person in the world to help us find out whether Wall Street truly is rigged... and, if so, how we can turn the tables.

He’s helped me grow my money... He’s also helped me protect my money.

In fact, that’s exactly what he did with GameStop.

He warned us on January 28 to avoid the GameStop situation.

That day, he wrote...

I hope you read that column and took his advice.

Three days after his warning, the stock crashed and burned, dropping 61%...

Allow me to bring him in now to try to help make sense of all this...

Alex, welcome.


Thank you, Bill. Great to be with you again.


Alex, you spent 16 years of your life on Wall Street as a successful portfolio manager... You know the ins and outs of this place better than anybody else.

I’d like to get right into it.

I want to start with three popular criticisms about Wall Street rigging the market in its favor against the little guy...

I want to know... are these fair claims? Or are they myths?

Are you ready?


Fire away, Bill.



OK... first off...

  1. The stock market is just a casino, and the house always wins.

A lot of people say investing is just a random game of chance.

What do you say to that?


Well, Bill, the stock market actually IS like a casino for some people.

Look at the GameStop traders you mentioned.

They weren’t investing in a great company that had big profits.

Instead, they were gambling on short-term swings in a poorly managed company with huge losses.

Do that enough... and like any gambler at a casino... you will lose.

However, the stock market can also be like a casino in a positive way.


How so?


Think about the house. The house at the casino always makes money.


Because the odds are in its favor. So the longer it operates, the more money it makes.

The same holds true for stock market investors who take a long-term approach.

Yes, there have been hiccups along the way, but in the long run, the stock market has gone in one direction... and that’s up.

Morningstar has a great chart that shows the value of $1 in the stock market growing since the late 1800s... through World War I... through the Great Depression... through World War II... through Vietnam... through Black Monday... through the Great Recession...

That single $1 bill in stocks would be worth more than $19,000 today.

$100 would be worth $1.9 million.

And $1,000 would be worth $19 MILLION.

History PROVES the stock market is – and has always been – the greatest way to build wealth in America... no matter who you are.

And if your approach is to buy great companies with growing profits... unlike GameStop... you put yourself in a position to increase your wealth dramatically over time.


So it’s not just that Wall Street wins... It’s that everyone who participates in the stock market wins over the long haul.



And it’s funny.

A lot of people complain that someone like Bill Gates is too rich.

But here’s the thing...

You can get rich right alongside him by owning Microsoft stock.

That’s the truth about Wall Street. It is the easiest way for any regular person to become an owner in the most profitable businesses in the world.


Come on, Alex, not everyone can get Bill Gates-rich by investing in the stock market.


It’s true you may not end up a multibillionaire.

But on a percentage basis, your returns are the same.

If Bill Gates makes 10,000%... you make 10,000%.

And that can really add up.

Microsoft alone has turned more than 12,000 of its earliest investors – many just regular folks – into millionaires.

A marketing assistant who once had to pick up dry cleaning for a boss he hated... raked in millions that enabled him to quit his job at 38 to spend more time at his church and volunteering.

A technical writer opened up a literary center with her newfound millions...

And a commercial photographer without a college degree made millions in wealth that enables him to wear a T-shirt and blue jeans as he enjoys photography.

Just $1,000 in Microsoft stock at the IPO alongside Bill in 1986 would be worth more than $3 million today.


That is serious money. There’s no doubt about that.

But identifying those companies can be hard.

You’re a smart guy with Wall Street experience who knows how to buy the right stocks.

Other people don’t know how to do that.

That leads to the second big criticism.

  1. The little guy doesn't stand a chance against the Wall Street sharks.

Total myth.

When people think about Wall Street... they picture Gordon Gekko making secret deals worth billions.

Wall Street seems to have all the advantages.

But here’s the cold hard truth.

Wall Street “sharks” are actually great white minnows. In fact, 3 out of 4 professional fund managers underperform the market.

Over a 15-year stretch, 95% of them don't beat the market.

Most of these guys don’t have a clue what they are doing.

Even I started out on Wall Street losing money... I had my Series 7 license, and there I was, losing money at first for my clients until I started to figure it out.

I stopped listening to the guys running the trading firm where I worked. And instead, I started studying the greats, like John Templeton, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch.

These guys showed me that it’s all about buying great companies at even better prices.

And they also helped me learn the one enormous advantage everyday investors can have over Wall Street.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve beaten Wall Street by a wide margin... 591% to 237%.

Bill, this is really important for our audience.

Forget the “I can’t beat them” narrative.

You can. Much of Wall Street is made up of people who don’t have a clue what they are doing.

Look at the investment banks...

Deutsche Bank lost $9.8 BILLION over the past decade.

Credit Suisse, in April, disclosed that it expected to lose $5 billion after risky bets... and fired two top executives.


But, Alex, wait a second.

You say these Wall Street types are chumps.

Then how come they are all so rich?


Well, this is where Wall Street is rigged.

Wall Street types are rich... not because they are great traders... but because they are fantastic at charging people fees that steal away profits.

In fact, the late John “Jack” Bogle of The Vanguard Group relentlessly criticized money managers for failing miserably to earn their high fees.

He called them “croupiers at a gambling table.”

So one of the most important things any investor can do is figure out how to remove Wall Street from the equation completely.

Because here’s the thing... the little guy – with the right information – can crush Wall Street.

That’s why we’re here today... to show the everyday investors the single biggest advantage they could use to beat Wall Street over and over.


Alex, you’ve been showing me how to outperform the markets for the past two decades, so I can personally back up that claim.

But let’s tackle the third criticism of Wall Street. And I think this one is the biggest.

  1. The market is rigged in favor of the wealthy, and the rich only get richer.

Many of our viewers know that billionaires made out like bandits during the coronavirus crash back in early 2020.

Alex, what about the charge that some billionaires prospered while regular folks got hurt?


USA Today reported that America’s 614 billionaires got $931 BILLION richer during the coronavirus pandemic between the months of March and October.

  • Twitter’s Jack Dorsey grew his net worth from $2.6 billion to $10.4 billion, a 298% increase.
  • Carvana co-founder Ernest Garcia grew his net worth nearly SIXFOLD, from $2.4 billion to $13.9 billion.
  • And Amazon’s Jeff Bezos added $90.1 billion to his wealth, an increase of 80%... to solidify him as the world’s wealthiest man at the time. He is now worth some $203 BILLION.

Bill, the main reason many of these billionaires built extraordinary wealth through the pandemic is because the stock market kept climbing despite all the challenges in the economy.

Twitter’s Dorsey, Carvana’s Garcia and Amazon’s Bezos...

Look at their stocks since last March... They went straight up!

But, Bill, this is why I actually believe the stock market is the great equalizer.

Again, it's the one place where you can get the exact same percentage gains as Dorsey, Garcia or Bezos. You have the power to get in alongside them and see the exact same returns on your money.

And you CAN get rich.

The problem is that too many people in the media tell you it's rigged, and that keeps about 50% of Americans out of the stock market, which is a terrible shame.



And, Alex, the great thing about you is this isn’t something you simply say looking back.

Rather, you nailed it in the moment.

On March 24, 2020, after the market was down 10,000 points, you wrote to your 800,000-plus readers – that includes me – and I quote...

But that’s NOT what the mainstream media was saying at the same time.

I’ve brought some headlines from March 24, 2020... because the corporate media put people in a complete panic back then...

ABC News reported on March 24 that the pandemic had “plunged all three major U.S. financial markets into bear market territory.”

CNBC reported that same day that the “Senate failed for the second time in 24 hours to advance the stimulus bill.”

And a Wall Street Journal feature story headline read...



Talk of living in underground bunkers... I mean, COME ON!

It’s no wonder people were so fearful to put their money in the stock market when everything seemed like it was going to hell in a handbasket.

But, Alex, you were pounding the table for people to back up the truck on stocks...

How did you know that was the exact time to get back in?


Bill, they say nobody rings a bell at the bottom...

That’s wrong!

Once I saw stay-at-home stocks like Netflix and Amazon falling (when I knew their revenues would be soaring due to massive increases in customers)...

I knew right then and there that it was time to back up the truck.

March 24 was the day after the bottom of what became a V-shaped recovery.

And over the following 12 months, the S&P recovered all losses and then some... shooting up to record highs.

Now, anyone, regardless of wealth...

Whether they consider themself upper class, middle class or lower class... could’ve grown their wealth dramatically over the past year.

Two of my loyal readers, Jeff Jacobson and his wife Lana, said they “did not invest in the stock market, thinking it was a rigged game for the rich.”

But they joined The Oxford Club on “Bill O’Reilly’s recommendation,” they said.

And they decided to give investing a try. They wrote...

On December 4, 2019, we invested a total of $100K. Since then, 20 stocks are up 100%-plus, two are up 200%-plus, and three are up 300%-plus...

Thanks, Alex, for being that voice of optimism during a crisis when the market crashed. It gave us the confidence to buy back into the market on March 24, 2020, when you said, ‘It’s time to load up again.’

The timing couldn’t have been better! Our portfolio is now at $151,314 [a 51.3% gain] at the close of 2020, and we give God all the glory for putting The Oxford Club in our lives.”




Yes. And in order to do what Jeff and Lana did, you would’ve had to shut out the noise from the mainstream media.


So you’re saying the mainstream media hurts everyday investors...




But let me be direct here, because you seem to be dancing around it... Do you believe Wall Street is rigged?


There is one very serious and real way that it is rigged.

Now, I’m not talking about illegal insider trading... Bernie Madoff Ponzi schemes... or anything like that, because those are criminal activities that get sorted out in the courts.

I’m talking about one MAJOR... and I mean major... LEGAL advantage that Wall Street has over every person listening today.

However, in a moment, I’m going to explain how YOU could turn this advantage into very big profits.

We uncovered wins as big as...

363% in two months...

996% in nine months...

And 733% in four months, as I’m about to demonstrate.


OK, let’s get into it. What is Wall Street’s biggest advantage?



Years ago, the big-time players on Wall Street – the institutional traders – captured a major edge over the little guy.

You see... at the time, Wall Street had a problem.

Big institutions aren’t like regular investors who may buy 10 or 100 shares at a time.

Rather, the big players like JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs generally look to buy or sell millions of shares at a time...

The only problem (for them) is that if they try to buy, say, 10 million shares on the open market... the prices will shoot up and they’ll end up paying more than they want for shares.

It was costing them big money.

So they conspired to do something about it.

Instead of placing their trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, which is right behind us...

And the Nasdaq...

The SEC began to allow institutions to place their huge, often million-share-plus trades in secret private exchanges...

Called “Dark Pools.”


Dark Pools. The name alone sounds illegal.


Make no mistake, Bill. In the United States, Dark Pools, despite their sinister title, are PERFECTLY LEGAL...

In fact, they’re 100% SEC-approved.

Instead of the Nasdaq or the NYSE, they trade in dozens of obscure Dark Pools with names like SIGMA X, NYFIX Millennium, Alpha-Y, Turquoise and SuperX ATS.


Very strange.


It is.

And through these secret Dark Pool markets, they can get in without jolting the stock price... or losing profit margin.

They don’t have to report a single share bought or sold until every share of its entire order is filled.


I need more explanation here, Alex... Why is this such a big advantage for Wall Street?


Well, because Wall Street has the power to drive stocks higher through a number of forums.

So what it does is use Dark Pools to buy, say 10 million shares... and then... ONLY THEN... does it suddenly start trying to drive the public price higher.

After institutions finally get the stock they want at the lowest price possible in the Dark Pool...

These same institutional investors then use every trick in the book to drive the price higher in the public exchanges.

  • Analysts initiate new coverage... issue buy recommendations... and release positive stories to the financial media.
  • Brokers call clients to push the stock.
  • Mutual funds enter positions on the regular stock market... pushing it higher on volume.
  • Market makers bid up the stock’s price on the exchange.

We see it time and time again...


So they start driving the price up... after they’ve already gotten in on the cheap...

Is this what ensures they get the biggest profits?


Yes, it benefits them enormously to trade privately in Dark Pools...

In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal report confirms we’re seeing Dark Pool trading happening at record levels right now...

Dark Pools are by far the biggest LEGAL advantage Wall Street has over Main Street.

It is unfair, and in my opinion, it rigs things Wall Street’s favor.


I agree. Honestly, that doesn’t seem right.

Should Wall Street be able to get in without the public knowing?


Well, Bill, I said this was Wall Street’s biggest advantage.

But I also mentioned there was a way for regular investors to turn the tables.

And I mean REALLY turn the tables.

There’s a way to take Wall Street’s Dark Pool activity and completely flip it.

It’s 100% legal.

Yet I’d bet only 1 in 1,000 investors knows how to see these trades playing out.



So there is a way for folks to take advantage of Dark Pool activity and give themselves a chance at big profits?


That’s right. And if people use what I’m about to show you, the gains can be extraordinary.

I’ve brought along some historical examples we uncovered in the markets.

Let’s look at Curis.

It saw a massive wave of Dark Pool activity in the second half of 2020.

See the big blue spike?


Yes, a big jump. You can’t miss it.


That’s actually a chart I have access to that measures Dark Pool activity. And you can see it suddenly leap dramatically.

That’s because Wall Street was moving in.

Thirteen different institutions scooped up at least a million shares each... all through Dark Pools.

Emerald Advisers bought 2.9 million.

OrbiMed Advisors picked up 3.1 million.

And RTW Investments used Dark Pools to trade 3.7 million shares.


That’s a ton of shares.

And I can see that as all of these Wall Street firms load up... the stock price stays completely flat. Is that because the public is in the dark regarding these big purchases?


Right. Because they are using Dark Pools instead of regular exchanges, I’d estimate 99.9% of the public has no idea how to see it... and the stock price stays the same.


But then as soon as the Dark Pool trades are complete, the stock suddenly shoots up?


Right. Remember, once the Wall Street firms’ trades are complete, they want to create momentum for the stock.

They want people on the street talking about it.

They want firms talking about it.

They want the media talking about it.

So they start pumping it up and creating momentum behind it every way they can.


But this is a company that most people haven’t heard of... Curis Inc. How does Wall Street create that buzz in a no-name company like that?


Wall Street has a number of tools to create momentum in any stock it wants.

One of them is generating new analyst ratings.

So for example, before the Dark Pool trades were being placed by Wall Street, not a single analyst was covering Curis...

But when the Dark Pool trades were complete, by early 2021... five analysts jumped on it.

Then the institutions started getting their pals in the financial media to push stories about the stock as well.

In December, we saw stories from MarketWatch, Nasdaq and others, highlighting the meteoric rise of Curis based on recent Phase 1 trial results.

No doubt millions of investors saw those stories and piled in as well.


Do you think Wall Street knew that those positive Phase 1 results were coming?


There’s no way of knowing for sure. But I can tell you from my time working on Wall Street... it is always trying to get early information that gives it an edge.

And I think the proof is in those Dark Pool trades it made.

Do you think it would have loaded up with millions of shares in some no-name stock without some idea it would launch higher?


That’s awfully suspicious.


That’s right.

This stock went up from just $1.44 in December 2020, when Dark Pool trading was complete...

To nearly $12 today.

That’s an extraordinary 733% gain in four months.


OK, Alex... but how does that help our audience?


I promise we will get to that. And when we do, our viewers are going to be very happy.

But first I want to show everyone how common this is.

What I just laid out in Curis happens over and over again.

Sometimes it happens immediately after the Dark Pool activity, and sometimes it takes a few months.

But the story is often the same. Wall Street moves in quietly through Dark Pools and then drives the stock up afterward.

Let’s take a look at Cassava Sciences.

Starting in May 2020, there was a big jump in Dark Pool activity.

DAFNA Capital, Marshall Wace and CaaS Capital bought up a combined 1.5 million in new shares through Dark Pools...

But only after the Dark Pool trade was complete did Cassava begin to gain some momentum...

Cassava shot up about 996% over the next nine months.


OK, but as I look at that chart, it seems like the stock stays flat for a while. It takes a couple of months before it gets going.

Why is that? If you are right...

Shouldn’t the stock go up as soon as the Dark Pool activity is complete?


OK, in the case of Curis, it happened very fast because Wall Street clearly was moving in ahead of a specific catalyst – Phase 1 results – that drove the stock higher very quickly.

But sometimes it takes a while because once Wall Street is in, it needs to start priming the stock to go higher.

And that’s exactly what happened with Cassava.

Before the spike in Dark Pool activity, only two analysts were covering the stock.

After that, coverage doubled.

Institutions then pushed the stock to the financial press with stories month after month about the company’s incredible momentum...

Cassava Sciences rockets on heavy volume after Alzheimer's drug trial results prompt analyst upgrade,” reported MarketWatch in September.

Cassava sciences stock crushed it in September” was an October headline on

And in February, Business Insider reported, “Cassava Sciences soars over 200% to 10-year high on positive Alzheimer's treatment data.”

Cassava actually skyrocketed as much as 221% in a single day on that announcement.

And yet that was merely a fraction of the 10-bagger run it enjoyed over the nine-month stretch.

The momentum kept building, and the stock kept climbing.


I can see from the chart that Cassava went from about $3 and change in August after the Dark Pool trades slowed down... to a high of $87 in February.

And all of the shares Wall Street bought through Dark Pools went up and made Wall Street a fortune.

Is this a scam?


That’s why this is a rigged game, Bill. Wall Street...

  1. Buys up huge amounts of the stock off-market on secret Dark Pool exchanges
  2. Works to drive prices higher on the regular markets
  3. Positions itself to cash out for the biggest profits.

In many ways, it’s like a scam.

BUT... and this is key... there actually is a way to track Dark Pool activity.

This way, you know when Wall Street is making its move and you can buy in at the best prices too... BEFORE Wall Street starts working to drive prices higher.

Silvergate Capital is a perfect example.

You can see how the massive spike of Dark Pool activity started in May 2020.

Invesco went in for 268,000 shares...

Ark Invest for 404,000...

And BlackRock for 1.1 million.


Alex, that stock was completely flat as Wall Street piled in... but starts to take off right when the Dark Pool activity falls off a cliff. What’s going on there?


Right, once Wall Street was in at the low price it wanted... it started working to drive the price higher.

Only three analysts were covering the stock before the big surge of Dark Pool activity.

But that coverage proceeded to double.

Cannacord Genuity, Compass Point and Craig-Hallum Capital issued new “Buy” ratings on it.

Then Cannacord actually upped its price target on the stock from $90 to $150 in March, a massive 67% increase.

And the financial press went wild... with MarketBeat reporting...

“Silvergate Capital stock price up 9.9% [that day] following analyst upgrade.”

About a 10% gain in a single day is excellent...

But it was just a mere fraction of the total rocket ride this stock experienced.

Silvergate stock shot up an astonishing 363%...


Yes, I can see that. The stock traded for about $37 in December when all the Dark Pool activity was over...

The stock then soared to $175 by February.


This is why folks need to be able to see Dark Pool trades!


But, Alex, you said before that Wall Street makes these trades in secret.

I’m sure it doesn’t want this information getting out.

So how can regular people like us track Dark Pool activity?



The truth is... most regular people don’t have the first clue how to follow Dark Pool activity.

But remember... I was on Wall Street for years.


I’ll try not to hold it against you.


Haha, thanks.

But here’s where my experience helps.

Thanks to my time on Wall Street... and the technology and data I pay to access today...

I can and do track Dark Pool activity as it’s happening.

So with my technology... all you have to do is spot the Dark Pool trades... position yourself promptly... and go along for the ride when the stock launches higher.


Can you show us how this technology works?

How exactly do you track this Dark Pool activity?


My team and I pay $50,000 annually for special software programs that track it all in real time.

We have direct access to the Dark Pool exchanges like JPMX... TORA Crosspoint... Instinct-X... and MSPOOL...

We even have a special keyboard – unlike anything you’ve ever seen – that allows us to monitor massive increases in institutional activity.

It’s fully legal.

And the charts I’m showing today feature some of the best examples we found while analyzing new ways to perfect my strategy.

Like this one of Futu Holdings.

There’s a big spike of Dark Pool activity in November 2020.

A closer look showed Two Sigma Investments grabbed 1.4 million new shares.

Anglepoint Asset Management got 2.1 million.

And Goldman Sachs bought 2.9 million...

Then, once the private trades were in place, the Wall Street machine set to work...

Within the next three months, analyst coverage more than doubled from 5 to 11...

And the financial press printed positive stories... like this Yahoo Finance headline:

“Analysts just made a massive upgrade to their Futu Holdings Limited forecasts.”


It’s the same story every time. The analyst coverage goes up and then the financial media start reporting it.


Of course. Their plan works, so they just keep repeating it.

And in the case of Futu, the momentum just kept building... as the stock went from $42 back in November, when the biggest wave of Dark Pool trading hit...

To $153 a share in April.

That’s a 264% gain in five months.

But here’s the thing, Bill... I’ve spotted three new setups taking place in Dark Pools that I’d like to give our viewers details on...


Not so fast, my friend!” as the great Lee Corso says before college football games...

We’ll get to those new Dark Pool setups shortly, but I’ve still got questions.

If Dark Pools were created – and approved by the SEC – to be private, how does your special computer program see Dark Pool trades play out in real time?



Good question, Bill.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, known as FINRA, has a “transparency initiative” that provides Dark Pool data to individual investors through its own website.

So Dark Pool trading data is readily available for those who know where to look.

Bill: But, Alex, nobody knows about this?


That’s the problem... Very few people know how to track it.

After all, these Dark Pools see billions of dollars in trades every day.


You need the experience to know how to sort through these trades and find the best opportunities.


Of course. I would bet 1 in 1,000 everyday traders uses this to their benefit or even knows it exists.

But imagine if you had this knowledge when Dark Pool trading was going crazy on GrowGeneration midway through 2020...


That’s a ton of activity taking place all the way through October 2020.


Voloridge Investment Management, Group One and Vanguard were three of several funds buying up hundreds of thousands of shares.

391,000 for Voloridge.

412,000 for Group One.

And 427,000 for Vanguard.


Again, the stock was mostly flat throughout this Dark Pool buying spree.


It was.

But the stock did start creeping higher about halfway through the Dark Pool activity.


Why do you think that was?


Well, this is a lot of Dark Pool trading over many months.

When it goes on for that long, word sometimes starts to get out and the stock starts drifting higher.

That’s why I often like to target Dark Pool activity before it fully ends.

Once the spike begins, it can pay off to get in as quickly as possible.


GrowGeneration seems to be a good example of that.


It is.

Halfway through the Dark Pool trades, the stock is available for less than $10.

But by the end of it, it’s up to $18.


So the profits would have been bigger the earlier you acted?



But still the biggest profits came after the Dark Pool activity came to a complete close.

3 1/2 months later, after the Dark Pool activity was over, once the Wall Street machine pushed it higher, the stock was more than $60.


That’s a big move.

But still, it’s clear to me that when you get in earlier, the opportunity is bigger.


No question. Going from $10 to $60 is a 500% gain ,while going from $18 to $60 is only a 233% gain.

Both great, but that 500% gain really moves the needle.

That’s why I’m always searching for that initial spike in Dark Pool activity.

While no investment is guaranteed to be a winner, that first big spike is a great sign that the stock might start moving up very soon.


You’ve often said to me... too many Americans don’t understand why the stock market is the greatest wealth equalizer in America.

They get upset that the rich are getting richer, but they don’t realize they can join them.


That’s right. And tracking Dark Pool activity is a perfect example of where regular people are getting left behind.

I can tell you... Wall Street is turning to Dark Pools more and more as an advantage over the regular guy.

The former legal counsel to the World Bank and dean at Vanderbilt Law claims the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq’s dominance is over.


Case in point: December 23, 2020.

This date marked a milestone.

On that day, more than 50% of all daily stock trades took place outside the public exchanges.

A truly historic moment, one that had never happened before, according to The Wall Street Journal.


But was that a one-off? An anomaly?


Incredibly, no. It happened three more times in January and again on February 12, 2021. That’s when private exchange trading hit a single-day record of 51%. An all-time high.

This is an incredible shift when you consider...

That’s double what it was about a decade ago.

What I expect to happen next is MONTHLY Dark Pool trading volume becoming the new majority... and that can happen this year.

Simply put, the time to adapt... the time to change... the time to improve your own strategy is now.

Knowing how to spot these Dark Pool trades... that are getting bigger and more important by the day... can have a major impact on anyone’s portfolio.


Finally... the folks get smart insight about Wall Street. That’s excellent.


In fact, I’ve got three great Dark Pool setups, Bill.


How did you uncover these new opportunities, Alex?



I’ve been tracking dark trades for a few years now, but I’ve been intensely analyzing these recent top performers in order to take my strategy to the next level. It’s quite a process...

And, Bill, I need to give credit where credit is due...

At The Oxford Club, I’m supported by a 150-member staff and four brilliant full-time researchers. Incredibly smart people top to bottom.

My team and I have created a proprietary system that measures key factors in identifying new Dark Pool trade opportunities...

For example, we’re looking for...

  • Massive spikes in volume in Dark Pool activity: Six-, seven-, even eight-figure purchases in short windows of time, from as little as a couple of weeks to a few months
  • A significant increase in analyst coverage
  • Consensus “Buy” ratings
  • Stocks with a relative strength index (or RSI) between 30 and 70.

You’ve got to explain relative strength index to the folks...


Sure, in essence, an RSI measures the momentum a stock has...

An RSI of 30 or below means a stock is oversold and undervalued...

An RSI of 70 means a stock is overbought and overvalued...

So by looking for an RSI between 30 and 70, we’re targeting stocks with momentum that is right there in the sweet spot.


So this helps get people in before momentum takes hold and launches a stock upward, correct?


That’s right... and all three stocks I’m looking at now feature not only this RSI indicator... but the other factors as well: massive spikes in Dark Pool buying, increased analyst coverage and consensus buy ratings.

That’s why the three Dark Pool trade setups I’m seeing in front of us right now have me just about as excited as I’ve ever been in my 20 years at the Club.


Impressive, Alex. OK, NOW let’s finally hear the details on your first setup.



My first Dark Pool trade is a pharmaceutical company that’s doing revolutionary work in the field of rare childhood disorders.

In fact, the FDA just granted it a special designation for an investigative gene therapy.

Institutional investors are diving in...

A big spike in Dark Pool activity just poured in...

In fact, we recently saw Wellington Management, RA Capital and Janus Henderson buy up 999K, 2.1 million and 1.2 million shares in Dark Pools, respectively...

At the start of the year, before the big new wave of Dark Pool buying... there were 11 analysts covering the stock.

That coverage has increased. Today there are 13 analysts on it.

A consensus buy.

And as we speak, analysts are calling for a near DOUBLE on the stock over 12 months from its current prices.

At worst, they believe a 50% rise is coming.

The financial media is promoting it...

As Benzinga reported, “Stifel initiates coverage with “Buy” rating.”


Let me see if I can sum it up.

Institutions just poured in with six- and seven-figure purchases through the Dark Pools... analyst coverage increased... large firms issued “Buy” ratings... and the media has started buzzing.


It’s uncanny, Bill.


Sounds like the same pattern you’ve been telling us about.

What does your next setup look like?



My second Dark Pool trade setup involves a protein-engineering biotech...

Dark Pool buying just went off the charts in March.

Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and Ameriprise just gobbled up 200K, 123K and 260K shares, respectively, in the Dark Pools...

Coverage is increasing.

Before the big spike, six analysts rated it a “Buy”...

But by April, eight analysts were saying “Buy.”

MarketBeat says this company has received “a consensus rating of ‘Buy.’

And Barron’s recently reported Benchmark is “increasing [its] share price target” by 38%.


Huge Dark Pool activity... increased analyst coverage... more "Buy” ratings... media buzz.

Same pattern again. How about the third setup?



And last but not least is an American cloud computing company with great projected earnings...

It’s coming off a massive wave of Dark Pool activity from a few months back.

Just off the charts.

1 million shares for Fidelity...

1.2 million for Sterling Capital.

2 million for Norges Bank.

Analyst coverage increasing from eight prior to the big spike in activity...

To 10 today.

William Blair and Oppenheimer coming in with “Buy” ratings.

And the media frenzy is hitting as we speak...

Investor’s Business Daily ran the headline...

“IBD rating upgrades: [This company] flashes improved technical strength.”

And Yahoo Finance ran a headline...

“Why investors should take a look at [this company].”

The story noted that analyst Jim Breen initiated a “Buy” rating and said the company addresses a “large and growing market opportunity.”

Just a ton of momentum behind this third and final Dark Pool trade setup.


The question remains... how can our viewers get your specific recommendations on those and other Dark Pool trade setups?


I’ve put together complete details on all three trades in a special report called “Alex Green’s Top 3 Dark Pool Trades.”

It’s got the exact buy instructions... with the price you should pay...

The ticker symbols...

Everything you need in order to position yourself on each of these trades.

And that brings me to the greatest opportunity for our viewers...

Perhaps the biggest potential profit opportunity of all.


What’s that, Alex?


Bill, I’m doing something special today to alert folks to future Dark Pool trade setups over the coming months...

As you know, since 2001, I’ve run a premier VIP research service called The Momentum Alert.

For a limited time, I’m opening up a select few spots in it. And I’m including the new report for new subscribers.

Simply put, The Momentum Alert is one of the longest-running, most successful VIP research publications in financial history... so this is a rare opportunity for new subscribers to join.


I’m a longtime paying subscriber, a lifetime subscriber, in fact... so I can certainly attest to that. I’ve done very well with it.



Another banner year in the books for us, Bill... as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Momentum Alert.

We banked eight triple-digit winning trades in the past year.

Dating back to April 2020, we’ve captured individual wins on some of our best leveraged trades as high as...

  • 251% on Axcelis Technologies in 30 days
  • 194% on Generac Holdings in 94 days
  • 285% on Digital Turbine in 82 days
  • 207% on Datadog in 28 days
  • 253% on Evoqua Water Technologies in 71 days
  • 177% on SolarEdge Technologies in 78 days
  • 182% on 10X Genomics in 67 days
  • 150% on Quidel in 23 days.

Our average per trade since inception is 8.5% with a three-month hold time... which is outstanding over time.

In fact, the long-run performance of The Momentum Alert portfolio has outperformed the S&P 591% to 237% since 2001.

Not every trade is a winner. But essentially, 1 out of every 9 trade recommendations in our history hits at least 100%.

Big winners like those can really boost a portfolio.


Obviously, it’s vital to have big winners over time.

It made all the difference for me when I first got started investing in the 2000s.

Alex, what’s made your Momentum Alert so successful for so long?


For 20 years, we’ve targeted great companies that...

  • Have breakout products or services in high demand (often these are products that capture the imagination and make for exciting press releases)
  • Feature management that Wall Street has a history of supporting because of its stellar track record of success
  • Have breakout financials that analysts build their ratings on (for example, double-digit sales growth, three years of 20%-plus earnings growth or return on equity of more than 17%)
  • Are within eight years of an IPO (if it’s too small, Wall Street won’t support it; if it’s too big, the profits are smaller; if it’s just right, it can be run up quickly)
  • Are experiencing millions of dollars in institutional support.

In total, there are 10 metrics that go into this proven framework for investment success...

It’s gotten us in early on terrific companies over the years, like...

  • Veeva Systems, which returned a 381% gain in 85 days
  • Illumina, which returned a 250% win in 112 days
  • Zillow, which returned a 292% gain in 83 days
  • And Broadcom, which returned a 643% gain in 78 days.

To be clear, those are options gains.

Big wins like these have allowed the long-term performance of our Momentum Alert portfolio to outperform the indexes in a major way.

But, Bill, tracking Dark Pool activity has become a big part of my approach.

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed a MAJORITY shift to private Dark Pools is happening now.

We need to be able to capitalize on it.

So we’ve been testing new metrics surrounding Dark Pool activity to see if our system could perform even better than it did in the past.

And a rigorous historical back test proves our new Dark Pool strategy harnessed the power to crush the S&P 500 by more than 100% over one year and by 201% over five years.


Impressive figures.


Moving forward, I want to alert readers to massive Dark Pool activity in real time so there’s no missing out on the next potential...




And Cleanspark...

Those are all real stock wins that we found looking back at massive Dark Pool trading...

And I could go on and on...

But the bottom line is this...

We will be tracking the Dark Pool trade activity... increased analyst coverage... consensus “Buy” ratings... and media buzz in The Momentum Alert.


Alex, let’s quickly sum up the Dark Pool trades you believe are about to take off...



  1. The first is a gene therapy pharmaceutical company that just won an FDA special designation.

Three funds just purchased 1 million shares or more each...

Analyst coverage increased from 11 before the spike to 13 today... It’s a consensus “Buy”... and the media is buzzing...

  1. The second Dark Pool trade setup is a protein-engineering biotech.

I’ve uncovered Goldman Sachs, Vanguard and Ameriprise getting their hands on more than a half-million shares combined.

Analyst coverage has increased by 33%... It’s now a consensus “Buy”... and the media are raving about it.

  1. And the third and final setup is a cloud computing company.

Three firms bought more than 1 million shares each in the Dark Pools... Norges Bank actually got its hands on 2 million shares.

Analyst coverage has increased from 8 before the big spike in buying... to 10 today.

It’s a consensus “Buy,” and the media frenzy over it is just beginning.


So, Alex, how can our audience get access to your special report, “Alex Green’s Top 3 Dark Pool Trades”?


I’m sending it out to all members of The Momentum Alert right now with all the details, including ticker symbols, precise buy instructions and more...

So all our viewers have to do is join the service and they’ll get the report, plus my analysis on the biggest Dark Pool trades over the coming year.


To find the best trades, I start with the special 10-point system I discussed earlier...

I want to see companies that feature...

  • Innovative new products or services used by millions of customers
  • Double-digit sales growth
  • Three years of 20%-or-better earnings growth
  • High-quality management who have a great history with Wall Street
  • And millions of dollars in institutional support...

Then I look for Dark Pool activity in the best companies I find.

I want to see...

  • Massive waves of Dark Pool buying
  • Increased analyst coverage
  • Consensus “Buy” ratings
  • An RSI between 30 and 70.

Moving forward, I’ll make two to three new recommendations a month.

In total, that’s 24 to 36 new profit opportunities over the next year.

As you’ve seen, the stock gains can work out extremely well...

In fact, on February 19, we booked a 153% win on Digital Turbine in 119 days.

A great win on a simple stock trade.

But, Bill, when I’m extremely confident about a coming profit opportunity, I also like to issue an options recommendation along with the regular stock pick.

They are also a great way to supercharge your returns when you’re ultra-confident in the stock going up.

For example, on June 17, 2020, I alerted subscribers to keep holding their Neurocrine Biosciences stock because it was performing well after 77 days in our portfolio.

But I told them to officially book a 257% gain on the option that day.

Two months later, we closed the stock for a 41% gain.

An excellent win all the way around.

Consider, though... options gave us more than SIXFOLD the profits compared with the stock...

In just a fraction of the time.

Yes, options can carry more risk, but once you become a Momentum Alert subscriber, I’ll show you how to trade options in a smart way...

I’ve put together a special video training tutorial.

It’s called Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click.

Even if you’ve never traded an option in your life, you’ll get the paint-by-numbers instructions on how to do it in your regular brokerage account.

This special video training is FREE when you sign up for The Momentum Alert.


Alex, I know a lot of your subscribers have had success with not just your stock picks, but your options recommendations as well...

But I caution everyone to be careful. Trading stocks is risky... and trading options even more so.

Alex: This video tutorial not only is practical, it also helps deliver results.

For example, Jack Newton in Texas said he’s “up 98% on Illumina for a gain of $9,540 [in one month]. Thank you.

I think it’s important the folks at home aren’t just hearing from you and me about this... and we’ve got George Rayburn standing by...

I know George has a handful of the hundreds of testimonials that have flooded my inbox...

For everyone watching, it’s important you see how everyday subscribers are doing with The Momentum Alert.


Alex, is there anything else you’re offering the folks today?


Look, I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for people to join.

I think it’s critically important that people get their hands on my Dark Pool trading activity analysis and use it to their advantage to one-up Wall Street.

So I’d like to make everyone who’s considering joining The Momentum Alert today an ironclad, two-part guarantee.



That’s one thing I really appreciate that you do, Alex. It’s great for viewers to have a strong guarantee that can help ensure they have a great experience.

So let’s hear it.


Thank you, Bill, I agree. First, I’m giving everyone who joins a 365-day, 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with The Momentum Alert, just call us up and we’ll give you a credit to apply to any of The Oxford Club’s 12 other VIP research services.

And second, I’m going to guarantee that our viewers get the chance to see FIVE triple-digit gains over the next 12 months.

So if you don’t see the chance to book at least five of these big winners, per our model portfolio, I will give you a full refund.

Just call us up and we’ll give you your money back.


That sounds more than fair to me.


The bottom line is: I’m extremely confident everyone who joins will be blown away by The Momentum Alert.

And in a moment, we’re going to toss it over to one of the longtime Club executives, George Rayburn, so he can deliver the details on how to sign up.


Alex, before we’re out of time, I wanted to say thank you for joining me here today.

I think you did a convincing job pulling the curtain back on Wall Street...

Showing the folks how they can get a leg up on Wall Street by focusing on the Dark Pool activity.

It’s all about the know-how, correct?


That’s exactly right, Bill.

We have the deepest, freest, most transparent markets in the world...

Even the private Dark Pools have become more transparent in recent years... thanks to FINRA’s transparency initiative.

I can’t wait to show folks how to trade with this new knowledge in my Momentum Alert.

But I do want to say, timing is key...

Because these Dark Pool trades can shoot up very quickly...

So I’d like new Momentum Alert subscribers to get this special report on my top three Dark Pool trades and position themselves quickly and accordingly.


Thanks, Alex, and with that, we bring in George Rayburn, Mr. Big Shot...

George, please let the folks know how they can get that special report right now... and a subscription to the service I’ve been a proud subscriber to since 2008, The Momentum Alert.

It’s worked for me, and I am just a simple guy... I believe it can work for everyone watching today.

For Alexander Green, I am Bill O’Reilly. George Rayburn, take it away...



Bill, Alex, another fascinating broadcast.

The insight into Dark Pools was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

As Bill said, I’m George Rayburn, and I’d like to tell you how you can receive everything discussed today.


  • A one-year subscription to The Momentum Alert research service

Your special report...

  • “Alex Green’s Top 3 Dark Pool Trades”

A three-part video series...

  • Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click

And Alex’s two-part guarantee that ensures your satisfaction with The Momentum Alert.

In just a moment, you’ll see a button pop up below this video.

It will say, “Get My Momentum Alert Package Now!”

When you see the button... click it!

As Bill mentioned, it’s important you hear from folks who have pulled in HUGE wins by following Alex’s Momentum Alert recommendations.


I’d like to share a few...

“Shortly after joining The Momentum Alert, I invested in Atlassian. Got in at $55, got out at $110 [in one month]. My first 100% trade. Thank you for this stellar pick.” – Ted Thomas

I just wanted to thank you for the Trinity Industries call. February 12, I bought in at $115 each, and [I] sold on February 20 for $270. Over 100% gain in a week. Astounding. Thank you.” – Roger Dean

“I took a conservative position, and I am currently up 394% [in six weeks]! Thanks for the great recommendation!” – Tony Atlas

And then there’s Brenda Johnston, who said that before she found Alex’s Momentum Alert, she got taken for a ride by a broker who blew a $15,000 investment in a “couple of months.”

That same broker then had the audacity to ask for an additional $10,000. Brenda said, “No way, I’m doing this on my own,” and she turned to Alex and The Momentum Alert.

Here’s Brenda:

“You’ve got to be so careful with who you deal with, and you’ve got to have the knowledge...

With The Momentum Alert, I think that’s where I got most of my advice from. The “Buys” and “Sells.” I’ve probably turned over about 30 shares. Yes, I have made money! And this is from someone who is quite lazy and forgets their password... and I still made money! Shares have become easy.”

She said trading shares has become easy...

She said it’s given her a sense of power she didn’t know she had.

I’m sure you’d agree... that’s the type of financial security everyone wants.

It’s just incredible.

Look, we want you to have the SAME opportunities as these folks.

That’s why, with a one-year Momentum Alert subscription, you’ll get...

  • Two to three monthly trade recommendations
  • Profit alerts, including specific email instructions from Alex when it’s time to take profits on a position
  • 24/7/365 access to the Momentum Alert trading portfolio
  • Model portfolio updates, including regular weekly updates on all positions in the model portfolio
  • Optional text alerts anytime there’s urgent action to take so you don’t miss the opportunity.

Altogether, this is a priceless package for one of the most successful, longest-running VIP Trading Research Services in Club history.

That’s why most folks are surprised to learn that an annual subscription to The Momentum Alert retails for just $4,000.

At that price, your first win could easily cover your cost and then some.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

Bill requested that we design a special deal for today’s event... one that would allow as many folks to take advantage of it as possible.

So today, we’re slashing the price all the way down to just $1,995.

We are also extending a rare buy one year, get an additional one year FREE.

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That’s a huge bargain.

It gives you $6,000 in savings... and essentially gives you access to one of the greatest VIP services in Club history for just $1,000 a year.

And just to make this an absolute no-brainer, Alex is making you an ironclad, two-part guarantee...

  1. He’s guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not FULLY satisfied, you will get a full credit that allows you to move over to any of the 12 Oxford Club VIP research services that more closely fits your needs.


  1. If Alex’s model portfolio doesn’t give you at least FIVE chances to double your money (or more) in the next year, just call us up for a refund.

That means you’re getting a guaranteed chance to see five individual gains of 100% or more.

Folks, when you look at Alex’s track record, this is truly a conservative guarantee.

He’s officially closed eight triple-digit winners over the past 12 months, with an average gain of 212% per triple-digit winner!

The bottom line is this: As you begin experiencing win after win, we have no doubt you’ll be extremely pleased with The Momentum Alert.

But you must get started now if you want to take advantage of Alex’s three newest Dark Pool trade recommendations.

As you’ve seen today... now that the institutional money is flooding in through the Dark Pools... Wall Street quickly gets to work trying to push those stocks up!

So YOU must move quickly!

For details on how to get started RIGHT NOW, simply click the button below now.

You can also call us at 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090 to order over the phone.

Our team is standing by to take your call.

And we know these spots are going to fill up fast.

If the phone lines are jammed, I politely ask you stay calm... I promise we will get to every person as quickly as we possibly can.

I do urge you to secure your spot as quickly as possible.

To be in the same service as Bill O’Reilly is really something special...

So go ahead and claim your spot in The Momentum Alert, just like Bill did years ago...

And instantly begin receiving life-changing opportunities right in your inbox.

Like the 96 triple-digit winners in the service’s history...


  • Trinity Industries... a 403% gain in 65 days
  • Under Armour, an 853% gain in 69 days
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals, a 278% gain in 63 days
  • And Chipotle, an extraordinary 859% gain in 70 days.

Don’t miss out on any of the big winners moving forward.

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But remember – your special discount won’t last long... so click that button now while there’s still time!

On behalf of Bill O’Reilly, Alexander Green and The Oxford Club, I’m George Rayburn.

Thank you for joining us today, and I look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of The Momentum Alert.

George J. Rayburn
Event Director; Founding Member, The Oxford Club Council
June 2021


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